Welcome to Watchmakers and Clockmakers Association of Ohio

Welcome to Watchmakers and Clockmakers Association of Ohio

Welcome to Watchmakers and Clockmakers Association of OhioWelcome to Watchmakers and Clockmakers Association of OhioWelcome to Watchmakers and Clockmakers Association of Ohio

Annual Convention and Educational Symposium

Course Description

This year we will be offering a compilation of Jerry Faier’s more popular courses into one exciting weekend. Metallurgy, Jigs and Fixtures for Clockmakers combines a study of horological metals with the fabrication of a variety of items participants can take back to their shops. 

The course will begin with a study of the properties and characteristics of various horological metals the bench person will encounter.  Students will run a number of horological metals through a series of tests to learn about their structural and chemical properties. The class also includes studies of hardening and tempering techniques including chemical approaches. 

After this we will turn to the lathe to create some time saving jigs and fixtures to help with a variety of bench work. These items will help save time and effort as well as improve lathe skills.   


  • WW size lathe or similar and 
  • A set of collets from say 20 - 50 in even numbers and/or A 3 jaw chuck  
  • 3-4 sharp gravers ready to cut brass and steel 
  • If using a cross slide, then bring 3-4 tool bits that are sharp and ready for use in the class.
  • Stones and fixtures to keep them sharp during class 

Contact us if assistance or access to a lathe is needed.

Tool List

Tools used in this course will be exposed to heat.

Safety glasses 

½ Dozen BLANK (no center hole) bushings either KWM size #3 or Bergeon 3.0mm.
Some American T/S mantel wheels from junk to be used for practice.

Ball peen hammer(s) 3-4 oz and/or 4-5 oz 

Large steel bench block 

Center punch

Several pliers (at least one with flat jaws) that can take the heat

Several tweezers that can be heated 

Hand files: needle files (at least one round, flat and triangle types), a 6” or 8” mill file

Jeweler’s saw with extra blades (suggest a #2/0 size)

Small hacksaw with an extra blade

Series of drill bits (preferably a number drill set)

A small bench vice that can be clamped to a table or board

6” Calipers or 1” Micrometer (able to measure in both metric and English)

A set of buff sticks 

Registration Information

Download and use the registration form below.

Register by June 26, 2020 and please make checks payable to WAO. 

Mail to Mark Baker,

P.O. Box 292, Damascus, Ohio 44619. 

Hotel Reservations

It is recommended that you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

 Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek 

 4949 Walnut Street

 Walnut Creek, OH 44687
(855) 400-2275

Reference WAO to receive the reserved block rate.


For further information call:

Bill Miller       740-507-6040

Mark Baker    330-537-3939

2020 WAO Convention Registration Form (pdf)


More About our Instuctor


Jerry Faier


Jerry started The Clock Makers in 1978 as a clock and watch restoration/fabrication service which seemed to be missing in the Mid-West. Adding consumer education as a major component, the business grew quickly. Jerry earned AWCI’s CMC title in 1982.  Teaching apprentices, artists and case workers, and having them certified, helped build the quality of the business and increased the complexity and diversity of the work received. In 2001, he moved to Glendale, AZ where he continues to run his business, this time solo with his wife, Susan, as the case finisher.


 Even after suffering a brief struggle with cancer, Jerry is still active with bench work, both repair and restorative, and continues to teach professional subjects about a variety of horological subjects. For his work with the education programs of AWCI he was honored with the organization’s highest award: 

Fellow AWCI.  


 A certified educator (B.S.in ED, UNL), Jerry has taught a variety of classes for AWCI for many years. Included is an escapement course (which was taught all over the USA), as well as many other courses in basic clock skills. He has also published many articles on clock repair, escapement work, clockmaker education, Atmos clock work and business success discussions as well. He continues all this work today and tries to help those who wish to make themselves better professionals in this skilled trade. 

About Us


The Watchmakers - Clockmakers Association of Ohio is a group of repair professionals associated with the American Watchmakers - Clockmakers Institute (AWCI). We convene annually for continuing education and networking with other clock and watch repair professionals. We invite you to take advantage of the opportunities we are offering at this year’s convention in both professional grade education and networking with peers.

If you would like to be added to our distribution send an email with "WAO Distribution" in the subject line to fleege@zoominternet.net